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Our Services


Innovative Aerospace Services carries out scheduled re-certifications including RVSM capable aircraft, avionics and electrical troubleshooting and repair.  Innovative Aerospace installs leading manufacturer avionics systems into your aircraft and seamlessly integrates existing systems with your new investment.


“Gremlins?”  Getting tired of intermittent systems?  Innovative Aerospace has a reliable, efficient, and cost effective solution.  Wiring replacement of your aircraft electrical systems may be long overdue.   In-house laser wire marking ensures the highest standard installation.


Concept.  Consultation.  Design.  Approval.  Installation.

Innovative Aerospace can engineer your dreams into reality with the highest quality in the aerospace business.

Why us?

Proven excellence

Innovative Aerospace employs highly trained and experienced technical staff to ensure your aircraft is maintained to the highest quality.  Attention to detail and safety will work for you behind the panels without failure for decades.

Competitive Pricing

Innovative Aerospace provides service at the highest level of quality while maintaining competitive pricing.

Customer Support

Innovative Aerospace provides commercial customers with AOG support 24/7.   Innovative Aerospace realizes the need to minimize aircraft downtime and has proven dedication to all our valued customers.

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